Would I Be Able To Trust You Again? 12

His sister and cousin are now back inside the room, but Richard could not shake the feeling that he at least was being closely watched by his sister and cousin for both of them were still  scrutinizing him closely. He knew his sister at least was itching to ask him what transpired behind his closed door meeting with Maya but he for one, has no plans of telling her anything as  he knew those words are only for him and him alone. He realized that his ex-fiancée would not have singled him out  if she had truly intended for someone else to know what she planned to let him know.
His sister, however was not pleased as she really wanted to know what transpired between her brother and best friend as she was earnestly hoping for a reconciliation soon. Her brother, however refused to comment about the said meeting as now realized his private conversation between him and Maya were only meant for the both of them. His sister, however could not seem to understand this so she was irked by his refusal and thought that she was being left in the dark once more. She was only appeased when she sense some positive changes in her brother and this gave her hope, so  she just opted to leave things be for the moment and just allow nature to take to its course.
James however, could not leave things alone as he now realized Maya was once more falling for his cousin and was scared that she might get hurt once more. He knew he should be happy with this new developmentbut he still could not help but be scared for his friend as Richard had already managed to turn his back on her once. He realized now it had not been his cousin’s fault that he had been forced to leave her, but he was still frightened that the incident would once more break them apart so he opted to speak to his cousin and was relieved when Richard  promised to take care of Maya if she would accept him again. James was now relieved as he now realized his cousin truly learned his lesson so he opted not to prolonged his cousin’s agony  further by telling him he would always be there for her and Maya.
Richard was appeased by his cousin’s words and thanked him for understanding him. He however tells him this was not the time for them to talk about his relationship with Maya as they still were having two separate problems hanging on their heads. James on the other hand was surprise by his cousin’s new attitude as Richard had now truly changed to a better man so he clasped his hand and told him that they would speak of it again once their twin dilemma gets resolved.
His cousin smiled then and told him that they better plan their next move as he had already word from his sources the twin renegades are once more planning to cause havoc on their family once more. James obliged but he then informs Richard that they better call Maya and Rafi first as he was sure they would want to know the latest update on the case. 
Richard obliges so he summoned Manang Fe to the study and request that she informs his sister Rafi to come to the den for a meeting. Meanwhile, James was now calling Maya at the restaurant and just as he had anticipated her was not too happy to be summoned at the last minute for no one would take charge of their restaurant but he had convinced her that this meeting is more important than the eatery so Maya relented and assigned their assistant Edselyn to take her place.
Maya was now in Richard’s home and she could not help but feel a bit nostalgic as she spent many hours here when she and Richard were still together. She knew she missed this place and Manang Fe but she opted to brazen herself to the present as she realized she had not come here to think of the past. Maya knew they were here to formulate a plan for the evil twin sisters so he glanced at the two men before her and asked what their plans were and was surprised when she learned that James had already uncovered a possible link between the two sisters.
Maya knew she was surprised as she now realized for a fact that neither her friend nor Richard had found a possible link between the two women when she and Rafi last spoken to them a week ago. Had they withheld the information from both of them once more or was this information truly new. She knew she was confused so she confronts both men and was surprised when both of them refused to answer her inquiry and instead asked her to recruit his family and friends in San Nicholas for him.
She was truly shocked for Richard had been adamant of her family’s involvement from the start. What happened? She knew she was confused, but Richard would not give her any explanation  besides that he had now decided to accept her offer and was now asking her to convince her family and friends in San Nicholas to join forces with them in their battle against the twin siblings.

Would I Be Able to Trust You Again? 11

James obliged but he could not help but wonder why Rafi had suddenly requested her to follow her out of the room when he could see that Maya still needed to talk to all of them. He now looks at his cousin and ask her to explain the reason for her summon. Rafi was forced to tell him then about Maya’s request and he could not help but worry as he knew how gullible his friend was whenever his cousin was concerned.

He realized that they should not leave the two of them alone but he then realized that he could no longer control his friend so he forced himself to calm down and relax. Meanwhile, back inside the room Maya continuous to stare at Richard as he had remained still even though James and Rafi had already left the room. She knew he was aware of them being alone in the room but he still refused to talk to her and that irks her for she now realized both of them wanted to say something to one another so she began airing her grievances to him and this seemed to catch his attention for he now asked what he could do for her.

Maya now shook her head and said nothing for she now realized Richard could no longer do anything for her but truly bare his soul to her so she asked him to trust her once more and Richard realized that Maya was asking him to truly open his heart to her again. He knew this would be a difficult decision for him so he asked her if she could give him a week to think things over.

Maya realized she did not want to grant the extension Richard requested of her but she knew she had no choice in the matter as her request could not be easily be fulfilled. She knew Richard must weigh his options before committing to her so she granted the extension but not a day more.

Richard was now weighing her options and for the first time in a long time he could see more clearly that he was better off with Maya than without her. He knew his being enigmatic had almost cost him the woman he loved and he now realized that he would be a fool if he allows her to escape once more so he decided to change his ways and grant her utmost desire.

He knew it wouldn’t be easy though as he had always kept everything to himself but he was now willing to change for Maya’s sake now. He now glanced at her and asked what she wants to know. Maya was stunned at his inquiry as she never expected Richard to open to her now but she opted to take the chance and request that he tells her the reason why he had lost his trust on people.

Richard was taken aback by his ex-fiancée’s inquiry as this was the last question he had expected her to ask, but he opted to answer her truthfully by saying that he had trusted someone close to him but later on stabbed him in the back. Maya realized then who the person her ex-fiancé was referring to, but she opted not to comment as she now realized he had been hurt badly by Celeste’s betrayal.

She could not blame him though for they considered that “witch” family. Maya knew she was being sarcastic once more but she for one never trusted the woman. She realized now that she should have trusted her instinct from the start but Celeste had managed to fool all of them in the beginning. She even thought she would be a good ally for her only to realized that a snake was hiding among them. Maya had discovered Celeste’s evilness a few months after they hired her but she managed to turn the tables against her so Richard had no choice but to let her go.

Maya now realized that she and James were the first casualties of the plan for when Celeste managed to disposed of them, she was able to do her true aspirations on the family. She now glanced back at Richard and tells him that it was not right to shield himself from the outside world just because he had one bad experience with his supposed cousin. She reiterates her point by telling him of the various trials and tribulations she had to encounter before she and James were able to succeed in the restaurant business.

Richard realized then that he had wallowed in self-pity for much too long and he now realized it was time to stop and fight back, so he thanked Maya for the pep talk she gave him and promised that he would be a better person from now on. Maya felt elated and gave him a sweet smile. He in turn reciprocated the gesture by giving her a light smack on the cheek before recalling his cousin and Rafi back to the meeting.







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James however, confessed that she saw the woman again, but this time he confesses he was disappointed with what he saw. He tells his cousins and Maya that he had expected Carina to have straightened her life by now, but instead he finds her more involved in the world he left her. He tells them that he came to realize he made an error of judgment with her, but then he could no longer rectify the mistake as the girl had already gone from bad to worst.

He narrates to both Maya and his cousins that when he first met Carina and requested her to be their link, she was simply a small time crook trying to appease her stepfather so that she would not be beaten up by him, but now he learns that she had become one of the most dangerous criminals running around the country as she had now become one of the leaders of the drug syndicate.

James now informs both Richard and Maya that he and his team had been trying to pin her down for months but to no avail so he requested them to help him out and they promised to do so provided that he continue on with his story. James obliged and told them that after Carina had managed to escape them, he came across a young socialite named Celeste Madrigal. At first he admitted that he was not interested in her since he did not like rich, spoiled girls, but the uncanny resemblance to Carina and her had made his interest pricked.

He told his friend and cousins that this was nothing new to him since he usually gets this kind of feeling whenever something doubtful occurs during his investigation so he decided to check on the new information and was stunned when he learned that the two women were actually identical twins separated at birth.

Richard and the girls were stunned by James revelation, but they still managed to ask him how the twins were separated so James told them the rest of the tale and was not surprised when he glanced back at his friend and saw her in tears. He and Richard knew then that Maya was feeling sorry for the two sisters and they could not allow that for it would completely ruin the plan, so they approached Maya and request that she puts her bleeding heart on hold. Maya realized then that the two men was right so she opted to follow their advice and harden her heart.

She, however realized that it was not an easy feat to accomplish since she now realized that she could no longer  allow any distractions to stand in her way. Maya knew that was not an easy thing to do since Richard would always be by her side, but she now realized they could never be a couple unless they could resolve this issue with Celeste. She now glanced at her friend and they both realized it was time for them to stop running and fight back so Maya bravely spoke up at the meeting and requested that they begin to plan for the downfall of the two siblings.

The two men were taken aback by her words, but they soon realized she was right for the longer they delay, the more trouble both sisters may inflict upon them. James and Richard realized now that both sisters had been exchanging in giving treats and they both realized it must soon stop for not only was it ruining their newly established businesses, both men now realized that it was ruining their chance of happiness so they opted to follow Maya’s lead and began making plans for the eventual downfall of their enemies.

Maya, however realized that they could not do it alone for both of their foe have many friends and followers around the country and these people would surely protect them. She knew she would not mind asking her friends and family for help but she was not sure about her ex-fiancé  stand on the matter as she now realized he had completely lost his trust in people except for the small circle that surrounds him.

She now realized that they must first convince Richard to trust once more before they could truly begin their quest. But, how? She knew her ex-fiancé would not listen to anybody except her and the only thing she knew how was to talk to him alone. She however was clueless on how to go about it until she managed to glanced at her friend Rafi and realized that she could communicate with her through eye contact.

Maya now glanced at her friend and pleaded that she leaves the room with her cousin James as she wanted to speak to Richard alone but Rafi does not seem to catch the silent message she was sending her so she opted to slowly approached her and tell her outright what was on her mind. Rafi at first was surprised with the request but she eventually relented and asked James to follow her out of the room.


















Would I Be Able to Trust You Again? 9

Maya knew she was blown away with the news as she had never seen the connection of the two siblings before. She realized that blood is thicker than water, but why would a successful career woman ruin her own reputation and align herself with a lowlife like Carina Afable. Was she being blackmailed by her own kin or was there any other reason behind it. She knew she did not understand, but James was right that she must not feel any apathy towards the woman for she may be also in cahoots with her sister.

She now decides to follow her friend’s advice and was now ready to listen to the rest of the plan, but to her dismay Richard had already started laying out the plans and she now realized that she managed to miss some important details. She knew she was annoyed with herself for daydreaming on the job, but she now realized she no longer have a choice but to rely on her friend. She, however concentrates the rest of the way and just requested her friend to fill in the gaps after the meeting had commenced.

Rafi obliged and filled her on the things she had missed. She however was not pleased so she apologized to Rafi about her inattentiveness and this resulted to a teasing of sorts. Maya knew her best friend would never stop until she learns the reason behind her lost of focus so she guiltily admitted to Rafi that she was bothered with the two sisters working together. She thought she was alone in that theory, but Maya now learns that all of her friends have the same inclination of both women.

She was now really bothered as she knew a hunch could be still be ignored if only one person have it, but when several people have the same bad feeling about it Maya knew it was now time to act. She informs her friends about these common feelings of theirs and they too decided to look at the situation. Maya, however was not surprised by their decision as she and her friends had always been on the same wavelength since they were children so she was no longer a surprise that they would back her up on this one. She, however could not help but worry as she does not know what she would do if her theory is proven right.

She now glanced at James and he assures her without saying anything that everything would be alright. He then informs them that he had already sent his team to gather all the information they could get on the two siblings. James also tells his cousins and Maya that he had asked his former colleagues at the agency to aid them. Maya was now relieved as she now knows she and her team were no longer working alone. She however realized that these brave men and women may not be able to stop these two women if she doesn’t  lend a hand so she offered her services once more and was surprised when Richard had once more rejected her offer.

Maya  was not pleased with the rejection as she now realized Richard and James was once more trying to shield them away from the real battle. She knew they had been trying to dissuade both her and Rafi once more to join them in the heat of battle,  but she has no plans of giving in to their desires, especially now that she really knows what was truly at stake. 

She now glanced back at both men and demands that they level with her as Maya now realized both men were only just toying with them. She now demands for an explanation and that they level with her so both men now realized they no longer have a choice but to heed to her request. They asked her to take a seat once more and when she obliged James opted to tell her how she had met the two women.

He began by telling Maya that his superior had requested him to spy on a woman named Carina Afable for she was supposed to be their link to the drug syndicate the government was after. He however guiltily admitted to Maya that he made one fatal mistake on the mission as he had  gotten attracted to their so called link.

Maya was stunned at her friend’s confession as she could not believe she was hearing this kind of confession from his best friend.  She however still decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and allows him to continue narrating his tale for she now realized James still has some things to confess to her. He now gives her a sheepishly smile and tells her she was right in her assumption that she had fallen for their link, so he began telling her once more on what transpired after she had made that mistake.

She could not help but tease him then but to her surprise James demeanor had not changed one bit. In fact he even remained stoic and serious during the entire time she was teasing him and that surprise her, so she had stopped teasing him and just requested that he continue with his tale. James obliged and informs her that after that one mistake he made he lost track of Carina and thought that he would never see her again.







Would I Be Able to Trust You Again? 8

Maya however tries to avoid her friend’s eyes as she now realized Rafi was once more trying to asked of her to intercede in her behalf and make the decision for her, but she did not want to for this decision was for her friend alone. She knew there were some things she could not decide for her friend so she simply lowered her head and pretended to look away.
Rafi however was truly clueless to what to do and Maya took pity at her so she gave her a brief eye contact with a message that she would be there for her but she could not make the decision for her. Luckily her friend understood the message and used it to aid her to make the decision she wants. She however prays for the proper guidance and after a few moments she glanced back at her brother and announces that she was joining the mission.
Richard was stunned as he had not expected his younger sister to go through this harebrained idea of his own doing for Rafi never committed to anything this serious before. He knew she could not last long under these circumstances so she asked her to reconsider her decision but to his surprise she rejects his offer once more. He now glanced at Maya and asked why his sister was being stubborn with him and was surprised when Maya told him it was a woman’s prerogative to not to change her mind. Richard realized then that it was useless to fight the two women before him as he now realized he would only lose the battle for him to do so, so he just requested both women to prepare as he himself calls up his friend for the special favor he intends to make.
Ryan had obliged on his friend’s request so a week later Maya and Rafi finds themselves inside the military camp of the army headquarters and waiting for Ryan to summon them. Both girls knew that Richard had already made the necessary arrangements for them but they still were both clueless to what type of training they would receive. All they know was that it would a special training course designed for them so when Ryan finally met with them they were brutally surprised when he informs them that Richard had requested him to train them like elite soldiers. 
Maya and Rafi was shocked as they had not expected Richard to throw them to the wolves on their first day at the military camp but they opted to undergo the training nonetheless as they now both realized Richard had chosen that particular training exercise to force them to quit. They knew they were both annoyed with him but they could not totally blame him as Celeste had gone from bad to neurotic. Both women now glanced at Ryan and asked if it was really necessary to undergo such training.
Ryan then explains the real circumstances of his friend’s dilemma and why he wanted them to be trained that way. He knew he was betraying his friend’s trust by levelling with his sister and ex-fiancée but he felt it was only right that both women to know the real facts of their mission if they intend to aid them. Both women were stunned by his confession and promised that they would keep it a secret between them. However, they now asked him to continue with the training as they realized the need for it.
Maya and Rafi are now training hard for the mission and Ryan could not help but be impressed by both women’s dedication as he realized they were not really aiming to be law enforcers or servicemen or women in the military. He knew his friends were only doing this to please his friend and eventually aid him in his plan to bring down Celeste. Ryan knew he somewhat pity Maya and Rafi for breaking their bones for his friend’s cause but he could not help but admire both women too for they showed tenacity and that sure impressed him. He now decided to give both women the highest recommendation so Richard really had no choice but to include them on his team.

He now glanced at both girls and tells them that it was time for them to discuss the plan on what they intend to do with Celeste, but before he begins he informs them that, he wants them both to listen to James as he had managed to uncover some startling fact about Celeste while they were in training. Both girls were once more intrigue by Richard’s words but they did not bother to contradict him anymore for they knew it would only delay the inevitable. They just  opted to settle down once more to their chairs and listen to their comrade’s ultimate confession. They were surprised though at his new revelation as he not only managed to uncovered a link between his own nemesis and the woman who practically ruined their lives, but they now realized he managed to blown them away with the discovery that the two women were not only sibling, but identical twins long separated at birth.


Would I Be Able To Trust You Again? 7

Richard however, decided not to open his mouth and speak as he still did not know what to say. He knew he had laughed out loud and had intrigued his beloved with the reaction he made when she first asked the question, but truth be told he was as clueless as an innocent child to how to answer her inquiry. He, however, realized that Maya now needed to know the whole truth about Stephanie so he glanced back at her and tells Maya that the woman had meant nothing to him except as a friend who aided him on a ploy to get her out of the way and out of harm’s way.

Maya became wary then as she no longer was sure on what to believe. She knew that she wanted to believe him desperately that Stephanie had meant nothing to him but only as a mere instrument to send her away but how could she? She was there and witness the whole thing. Surely her own eyes would not deceive  her. She now looked at his eyes and see sadness in them and it was then that she realized that there must be something more to the story than meets the eye.

She decided to confront Richard then and demand an explanation for why he had done the ploy and sent her away. Richard realized then that he no longer has a choice in the matter, but tell Maya what really transpired that fateful day so he asked her to take a seat once more and he then began to tell her the rest of the story.
He began by telling her about the nervous breakdown he experienced and how his cousin used his condition to her advantage. He tells Maya that after he had suffered from the breakdown, their cousin managed to convinced the old man to turn the company to her. Maya was not pleased but she opted not to say a word so that Richard could continue his tale uninterrupted.
He did and Maya was not surprised when Richard finally revealed that the company started to go downslide after his grandfather forced him to relinquish his hold of the company in favor of his cousin. Maya could not help but pity him as she realized how hard this is for him. She knew the company meant more to him than his life itself for he considered  this  to be his legacy so she decided to aid him now by reiterating her request.
Richard was taken aback as he now realized what his ex-fiancée intended to do and he knew possibly well that he could not accept the offer for this was one of the main reason he had sent her away and forced her sister to sever her ties with her. He now glanced at Maya and was ready to tell her that he was rejecting her proposal but one look at her lovely doe-like eyes made his heart falter and his body shiver once more. He knew he had lost his chance to refuse her once again so he just smiled at Maya and told her that he had no choice but to welcome her and Rafi to his team. 
Richard knew he was not happy with his decision to include the two women to his team but he now realized that he would be better off knowing what the two women were up to than leaving them on their own for his ex-fiancée and sister were both spark plugs on their own and he was scared that they might create a fire he could not possibly eliminate. He knew it was better to put a reign on them now than be sorry so he glanced at Maya and requested that she trains with his friend and military head, Brigadier General Ryan Molino.
Maya was surprised as she had not expected her ex-fiancé to ask such favor of her and Rafi just for one mission. She knew she was a bit irked by the request and wants to turn in down flat, but she then realizes she would be a fool to do that since she would miss the opportunity to learn the different martial art forms for free. Maya knew she may not like her ex-fiancé’s reason’s for having them trained, but she for one would be foolish if she allows this opportunity to pass her by. She decided to accept the challenge then and tells Richard to make the arrangement for her.
Rafi meanwhile, was having second thoughts as she knew her brother’s friend training course quite well and she was not sure if she would be able to handle it. She, however, realized that Maya, her best friend would be able to handle the course easily as she was a natural born leader and the granddaughter of a former captain of the guards in their province. She was also bullheaded and does not allow anything to stop her. She on the other hand doesn’t have the strength and other capabilities her friend has, so she glanced warily at her and silently pleaded for her to help her make a decision.








Would I Be Able to Trust You Again? 6

They are now both stuck inside the office and both knew it so Maya decided to be a good host and asked her visitor and former fiancé Richard to take a seat. She even asked him what he wanted to have for refreshments but after telling him the preliminary protocol, Maya found herself lost for words. Richard was also clueless to what to say for he did not know how Maya would react to him, so for the next twenty minutes silence ruled among them. The silence was only broken when James entered the room and asked if any one of them wanted something from the commissary.

Maya recovers then, and asked Richard what she can do for him and was surprised when he throws the question back to her. She realized that she had asked her friend to facilitate this meeting for her for she wanted her ex-fiancé to explain things to her, but she never expected him to be this uncooperative when they meet.

Richard in turn forced himself not to look at the distraught face of his beloved as he now realized he  would not be able to accomplish his plan if he allows himself to once more be succumb to her charm. So even though he promised Rafi that he would try to follow her heart’s desire, he realize on his way here that it was not possible. Richard knew her ex would just get hurt if he continue with their plan, so rather than torture her further, he had decided to change tactics even if it means war once more between him and his younger sibling. 

Maya , however , was not totally convinced by Richard’s act as she could feel the hesitation in him . She knew he had been wary when she started questioning him about his true intention to see her , but she opted to listen as she realized she could not let her guard down on him as her former fiancé had already let her down once . She , however could not deny that she still has still feelings for Richard so Maya asked him to explain what really happened that day and he took the opportunity to tell Maya what happened that fateful day

He begins by telling her the true reason to why he had to break up with her and this had surprise her as she was truly clueless of Celeste’s true nature. She knew Richard’s cousin was a bit catty and selfish, but she never thought of her as a slippery eel waiting to strike. She knew she was stunned by this new revelation but she opted to wait for Richard to continue and was surprise when she saw tears falling from his eyes.

She was alarmed as Richard never really showed any kind of emotions before, so she approached him and opted to wipe away his tears with her handkerchief. Richard meantime stood staring at her as he could not understand why Maya did such a thing to him. He realized that they already formed a truce among them, but he knew Maya’s action was beyond caring. Was she still in love with him? Do they still have a chance to be together?

Richard realized then that he still has a lot of unanswered questions on his mind, but he refused to dwell on them at the moment for he now realized the importance of his mission. He knew he must prioritize his battle with Celeste first before dealing with his relationship with Maya but he could not help but dream a little. He now decided to refocus his attention to the present and continue on with his tale. He now reveals to Maya the sordid details of the things that happened  after she and James departed.

He now narrated to his ex-fiancée on how Celeste managed to come to power after he temporarily lost interest in the company. Maya was surprised as Richard never missed a day at work before least of all lose his interest in running the corporation. What happened? She now glanced at her former fiancé and request that he be totally honest with her so Richard had no other recourse but to tell the truth.  He guiltily admitted to Maya that he had not stopped loving her and it was also the main reason why he had fallen apart.

Maya was dumbfounded with her ex-fiancé words, but she too could not help being skeptical about  it since she knew the truth. Or does she? She realized now that she had once asked her friend about this particular scenario, but Rafi had then refused to answer her. Would Richard do the same. She decided to test him then and was surprised when her ex-fiancé bursts into laughter and told her to take a seat. Maya was then intrigue and did not know what to think of Richard’s reaction, but she now realized he was ready to confess so she sat down once more and waited for him to speak.